Praxis shows that many BOSMA Liquid Level Controllers installed in +/- 25 years until 2013 are still functioning but clearly need revision or replacement. Sometimes the old fashioned needle indicator on the frontplate “hangs”, or other problems can occur . From reading the old tagplate or frontplate so in many requests the old models are specified. Our answer to this is that our new Liquid Level Controller Model LLC-D3 is the perfect replacement for all old Bosma Liquid Level Controllers.

Old Models:

NCA, with 1 to 3 relais-outputs and optional mA-output produced until the 1980’s
LLC-221, LLC-222, LLC-223 with respectively 1 to 3 relais outputs, produced until 2013
The extension “-4” stands for a 4-20mA output. This mA-output was load dependent and so had to be adjusted for a load 100Ω, 250Ω or 400Ω.

As an example Model LLC-223-4/700/NH3-250Ω stands for a unit with 3 relais + the optional mA-output adjusted for 250Ω . This controller only works properly together with a 700mm NH3 measuring probe.


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