LLC-D3: Display and Functionality

In normal mode the LLC-D3 displays:

  • Actual Level (in this example 76.1%)
  • Setpoint Levelswitches L1, L2 and L3 (in this example 25%, 53%, 92%)
  • Company Name (Bosma-Controls)
  • Bargraph corresponding with the actual level
  • 3 x LED emitting RED or GREEN

The relay setpoints L1, L2 and L3 can be adjusted with the corresponding 3 rotating arrow-knobs and can be set at any value between 0 and 100%.

LED and Relay functionality

The LLC-D3 has 3 x bi-colour LED, changing from RED (relay closed/pump active) in GREEN (relay open/pump not active)

The 3x relais each have double outputs. Configuration each relay is: NO/NC from factory.

In this table the STANDARD functioning of the LLC-D3 is shown

  • LED =“RED” indicates that the pump is running. Although not recommended the LLC-D3 unit can be ordered with different LED functionality (GREEN where now is RED)
  • At no-power/above range/no probe the relays are de-activated and fall in fail-safe mode, meaning the relay is “open” (factory jumper-setting)
  • Blinking LED´s alternating RED/GREEN/RED etc. means that the unit and situation needs attention. Alternate blinking can mean that the measured signal is “ABOVE RANGE” which means that the displayed value is higher than 125% of the calibrated FULL value. Other possibility is a measuring probe error (no probe connected, cable damage or internal leakage/shortcut). In that case the display shows blinking a measurement is not correct message:



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