Connecting the LLC-D3


  • 1 x probe connection via IEC 169-2 (9.5mm) connector
  • 3 x relais (RL1/RL2/RL3) with double output. Standard setting: NO+NC (Normally Open+Normally Closed)
  • 1 x 4-20mA active output, FULL isolated, impedance max. 600 Ohm
  • 100-240V-AC for standard unit. DC-version at request

Changing the relay NO/NC functionality

The 3x relais each have double outputs. Configuration each relay is: NO/NC from factory. If other configuration is preferred, the factory-setting can be changed to an other setting by means of changing the jumper-positions.

The picture here shows a setting with 2 x “NO” setting per relay


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