No light in the display and no LCD-display and LED lamps activatedNo power to the unit or the wrong voltageMeasure the power on MAIN input terminals
Check the Fuse 2AT inside LLC-D3 controller
Wrong digits/figures in displayInterference caused by strong disturbance or elsePush the small RESET button next to the coax-connector on the circuit board
Blinking message in display “**MEASUREMENT IS NOT CORRECT**”Loose coax-connector, defective coax cable, internal probe leakageCheck probe connection if loose or not
Check probe resistance between – and + of the probe-connector with a “megger”: resistance should be infinite (!) for a normal probe
Check resistance between the “-“ of the coax-connector (shaft of the connector) and the mass of the probe (metal probe-head or ¾” thread): as these are connected this resistance should be almost “zero”
If possible measure the capacitance of the probe and report values to Bosma-Controls
If capacitance is “0”, it is possible that the coax-connector got loose from the cable
The valve or the pump do not react to the signal from the controllerDefective cable or lack of a connection to the valve or pumpCheck the connection to the pump or the valve
The LCD-display bar shows too low/high level in relation to the actual level in the vesselThe cable is defective or no connection to the sensor probeMeasure the signal from the sensor
Calibration is not correctCalibrate the controller ZERO and FULL
Sensor not calibrated for the correct refrigerantCheck the sensor. Look at the sensor’s instruction manual
Deposit/Oil under in standpipe
High/low alarm occurs frequentlyTurbulence in liquidCheck the operational state, when "boiling" occurs insulating the standpipe can help”
Actual level is continuous fluctuating +/- around switchsetting point. with a LLC-D3 HYSTERESIS value set on low(est) value Check the HYSTERESIS value and set this on "2" or set a higher value
Eventually set the AVERAGE value at a higher value
The LCD-display flickers or is unstableLoose connection in the power supply or the sensorCheck for loose connections
EMC interference from mobile telephones, frequency converters, or other equipment that does not meet the legal requirements for EMCCheck equipment that is causing interference
Install insulated wire from the sensor-housing to the controller-earth

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