Measuring probes “Solid State”

The Bosma-Controls Liquid Level Control system consists of an electronic Liquid Level Controller (LLC) connected to a corresponding Measuring Probe. The Liquid Level Controller reads and shows the percentage (%) of  the total length of the probe that is submerged in fluid. The capacative measuring principle and SOLID STATE design forms a perfect solution for measuring refrigerant levels


The measuring probe consists of an insulated sensor mounted in a metal casing. The sensor is coated with PTFE so cleaning the probe is not a maintenance concern. The probe is connected to the separate electronic LLC-unit (relay unit) by means of a coax-connector with standard +/- 5 meter (16 ft.) coaxial cable which is fixed mounted to the probe. Since the cable and probe are factory-calibrated together, it is advised that the cable is not shortened or extended afterwards without contacting Bosma-Controls.
Other fixed cable lengths available at request.

The probe has to be mounted in a standpipe (see under)
Probe lengths “L” available are: P-390 (390mm), P-500 (500 mm), P-600 (600mm), P-700 (700mm) . . . . . . etc., up-to P-1800 (1800 mm)
Suitable for use with R11, R12, R22, R23, R502, R507, R717, NH3, Oil, HP62, HFC23,HFC125, HCFC22, Water, etc.

Example shortcode for ordering probe with length 700mm, application NH3 (R717), with standard ± 5m coax: “P-700/NH3-5m”

Standard connection G ¾”/ISO 1179-4 (optional ¾” NPT or other), Alu-seal ring supplied • Maximum working pressure: 25 bar • Factory test-pressure: 40 bar (with water) • Wetted materials: s.s. 303 (screwed connection), PTFE (measuring sensor) • Compound filled housing and cable-connection standard (highly resistant against wet environments) • Solid State (NO moving parts) • Compatible with old en new models Bosma LLC-controllers

Measuring Probe 3D
Probe dimensions

Measuring probes at client base


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